Our Capabilities

We strive to exceed your expectations on every project by delivering the highest levels of service, reliability, quality and value.

Pre Press

We carefully prepare your files, make necessary edits, check graphics, and all do proofing to ensure the information is correct and arranged so that it will print just the way the customer desires.

Offset Printing

The main advantage of offset printing is its high and consistent image quality. The process can be used for small, medium or high-volume jobs. 

Digital Printing

Without the need to create a plate, digital printing has brought about fast turnaround times and printing on demand. Instead of having to print large, pre-determined runs, requests can be made for as little as one print.

Wide Format Printing

AiMO Print is proud to be one of the best providers for wide format printing in Auckland. All of wide format printing services are carried out using the latest equipment and materials of your choice.

Flatbed Capabilities

Flatbed printing (Direct printing, Digital screen printing) is the term used for digital printers that image directly to a large variety of substrates using UV curable ink. Flatbed printing offers stunning resolution and UV resistance for non-fade longevity.

Print Finishing

At AiMO Print, we offer a full range of both standard and custom designed finishing services. Our experience in doing things that ‘can’t be done’, is something we’re very proud of and our customers are very grateful for.

Print Management

Looking for a better, more efficient, more cost-effective way to handle your printing requirements? Outsourcing your print management to AiMO Print will save your organisation time, money and headaches, while giving you the added confidence that comes from knowing that each job.


AiMO is constantly striving to improve the environment, having all our paper and board being FSC certified, also having it collected with all aluminium plates for recycling. With regards to our inks, they are soya/vegetable based and are bio-degradable as well. Lastly, process – less chemical –free plate making ensures no nasty chemicals.

Preferred Partners

Our paper suppliers Spicers, BJBall and New Zealand Owned B&F Papers. Over the years we have printed work for Customers like: