Our Company

AiMO has been in business for over 30 years, started in 1986 has/continue to supply print solutions to Agencies – Print Brokers – Large Corporate companies and many other customers that are directly connected.

AiMO Print is a small to medium sized family focused and owned business that has still many of the original core team that has worked at AiMO for more than 25 plus years.

Investment in Equipment has been updated to 4 colour and 5 colour capabilities in the mid-2000’s, always maintaining service as being KEY to the success and sustainability of the business.

In 2011 there was a change of ownership by another family member, this saw Greg Bancroft (Director) with enormous experience lead the charge for the next level of growth for AiMO. Greg understands that service is paramount along with efficient workflows which are backed by a well-supported team; this continues to be the driving force that enables the stability of the business.

Other important facts about Greg are, that he finished his apprenticeship in the early 90’s at AiMO Print and from there worked through the ranks to now to be in the leadership role. With a strong print background, most problems are easily overcome due to the vast amount of experience. Coupled with a loyal team and a strong support of suppliers and direct focus we are able to deliver a great service with jobs delivered on time with little fuss. 

AiMO Print uses a proven formula that works and drives customer value; we continue to improve systems and culture and be an aspiration in the industry. 

The company’s strength lies with its capabilities to print and deliver nationwide; this gives certainty to our joint venture’s needs.”